Xentum | Grandpa’s Fortune Fables

Teach your kids to be great with money

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Imagine a world in which children grow up being great with money so they can live the life they want.

Xentum | Grandpa’s Fortune Fables

This is the mission of Will Rainey, the inspirational author of Grandpa’s Fortune Fables and founder of the family finances blog, bluetreesavings.com.

His aim is to help as many parents as possible teach their kids about money ‘so their kids grow up to have the financial freedom to allow them to spend their time doing what they really want’.

We love what Will is doing so have teamed up with him to spread the word. 

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    Help children learn important money lessons early.

    Will has written a book that teaches kids the lessons most adults wished they had been taught when they were growing up.

    In the book, Gail, a 13-year-old granddaughter of one of the wealthiest people in the country, shares how her grandpa discovered the secrets of money whilst growing his ‘fortune forest’ on a faraway island.  The stories teach kids how to earn, save and grow money in a visual and memorable way.

    Considered to be the best money book for kids, Grandpa’s Fortune Fables is the most comprehensive and fun guide to teaching your kids about money using stories. Suitable for readers aged 8 but good for reading to younger children too.

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    Xentum | Grandpa’s Fortune Fables
    Xentum | Grandpa’s Fortune Fables

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