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Life Cover & Protection

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Since we never know what life may bring, it’s important to make preparations in case the worst happens.

By planning for these ‘what ifs’ you can live with peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are taken care of in every eventuality.

Our specialists can help you set up the right wealth protection arrangements so that you and your family are financially secure, no matter what may happen.

Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Types of protection

As part of your financial plan, we will  review the types of wealth protection you already have (if any) and advise what you need to look after your finances and your family.

  1. 1
    Stage 01

    Do you need or have appropriate life insurance?

  2. 2
    Stage 02

    Should you have income protection?

  3. 3
    Stage 03

    What provision do you need for critical illness?

  4. 4
    Stage 04

    What other options might you need to consider?

We will review your needs on a regular basis to ensure you can live with peace of mind knowing your loved ones are taken care of.

Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Why choose us

We’ll review your arrangements regularly as circumstances may change.

The birth of a child, a change of career, the sale of a business or acquisition of a major asset such as a property may affect the protection arrangements you need.

Because your arrangements will be considered holistically, as part of your overall financial plan, we’ll help ensure you have what you need.

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Our Wealth
Management Services

We offer a range of wealth management services that are tailored to meet your exact needs.  Your financial planner will help you identify which combination of services will help achieve your goals.

Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Investment Management

Ensuring your investment portfolio underpins your priorities & goals.

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Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Pensions & Retirement Planning

We are here to help you prepare for and get the most out of later life.

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Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Inheritance & Estate Planning

Let us help you leave a lasting legacy for those you love.

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Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Gifts & Philanthropy

Have the confidence to know you can support the things you care about most.

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Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Life Events

Get clear financial support when you face divorce or bereavement.

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Xentum | Life Cover & Protection

Tax Planning

Get proactive support to ensure your affairs are managed tax-efficiently.

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