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Pensions & Retirement Planning

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Your retirement finances should not be left to chance.

We simplify retirement planning by helping you answer the question: “How much do I need to stop working and enjoy my ideal lifestyle?”

Everyone’s vision for retirement is different. So, our process begins with an understanding of what a good retirement looks like for you.

Once we understand your vision, we’ll use our advanced cashflow modelling software to analyse your income, savings, and outgoings to determine whether you’re existing arrangements will meet your goals over the long-term.

We will use this information to inform decisions about how to arrange and manage your pension and any other investments you need to underpin your retirement plans. 


Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

The Journey

Even if retirement is in the distant future, we can help you put the right plans in place so that what you do today supports the future you want to enjoy when you’re ready to stop working.

  1. 1
    Stage 01

    Retirement income strategy

    We’ll help you decide if a pension is the right approach for you. If it is, we’ll identify the most suitable pension for you based on your specific needs and attitude to risk. Alternatively, we’ll help you to look at other investments you may wish to consider that can provide financial freedom and security during your retirement.

  2. 2
    Stage 02

    Regular reviews

    Ongoing, we’ll conduct regular reviews to assess your overall financial plan and ensure everything remains on track, adapting your plan as your needs & circumstances change.

  3. 3
    Stage 03

    Drawing income

    When you’re ready, there are a number of ways you can draw an income from your pension and investments. We’ll help you decide what’s best for you while helping you make the most of the various tax allowances.

  4. 4
    Stage 04

    Planning your legacy

    As you move towards retirement age, it’s likely you’ll also be thinking about inheritance planning for your dependents. Passing on your wealth is a huge aspect of estate planning and providing financial security and stability to those you love. We can help you navigate the complexity and make good decisions for you and your loved ones.

Good financial planning is the key to a worry-free, enjoyable retirement where you make the most of later life.

Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Why choose us?

Unlike traditional advisers, we’re not here to sell you a pension product. Our goal is to understand what retirement looks like to you so we can advise you on how to organise your wealth in a way that meets your needs – for a peaceful and financially secure retirement.

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Our Wealth
Management Services

As well helping you with Pension & Retirement Planning we offer a range of wealth management services that are tailored to meet your exact needs. Your financial planner will help you identify which combination of services will help achieve your goals.

Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Investment Management

Ensuring your investment portfolio underpins your priorities & goals.

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Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Inheritance & Estate Planning

Let us help you leave a lasting legacy for those you love.

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Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Gifts &

Let us help you have the confidence to support the things you care about most.

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Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Life Events

Get clear financial support when you face divorce or bereavement.

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Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Get proactive support to ensure your affairs are managed tax-efficiently.

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Xentum | Pensions & Retirement Planning

Life Cover & Protection

Alleviate anxiety by making sure you and your family are properly protected.

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