Xentum | Our story

Our story

You’ve heard about return on investment.
But what about return on time?

Before we leave school, we’re programmed to think about money and to the day we die, we think about money. It’s a factor in almost every decision we make.

If we’re not careful, it’s the thing which dictates how we live, what we believe, our relationships with people, even our relationship with ourselves.

Xentum | Our story

Dominic Baldwin
Xentum’s CEO and founder.

What if we stopped? What if, instead of putting money at the centre of our universe, we took the time to craft a vision of how we would like life to be? And instead of chasing the money, we chased the dream instead?

And what if your financial planner helped you on your journey? What if they asked you big questions before they started advising you on what to do with your wealth? So they were able to help you get clear about the life you want to lead and then work with you to make the finances underpin what is important to you.

This is exactly what Xentum is all about.

Our ‘why’ is to help you live life to the full by making good decisions about your priorities and your finances.

We do this by helping you create an inspired vision for life and then putting in place the building blocks to make it become a reality. Then we work alongside you and your family to keep you on track, adapting and refining as we go. The crucial difference is money is not at the centre of this process. You are.

The choice to be a life first/money second business stems from Dominic’s personal experience.

Having observed my father receiving inappropriate advice over many years by so-called professionals who only had their own interests at heart and then to witness the consequences, emotionally, physically and financially drives me to create a solution to serve clients better.

Take a moment to ask yourself:

Do I have enough money?

Chances are, you don’t truly know.
This lack of clarity almost always leads to anxiety around not having enough and the continual striving for more.

Xentum | Our story

And that means you live a more limited life. Sometimes, it even means you live a more limited version of yourself.

If you knew how much was enough, and if you weren’t worried about running out of money in the short or long-term, how would this affect your decisions? Would you be more generous, more giving? Would you have more fun with the people you care about? Would you have more peace of mind? Would you make a bigger impact on the world around you, through being generous with your time and resources?

Knowing how much is enough is deeply personal. It depends on what you want to do with your life, what’s important to you. Figuring this out as early as possible means you can work out a practical plan to generate the right amount of ‘more’, if necessary, either through your work, investments or assets. And crucially, it tells you when you can stop.

Developing the vision for how you’d like to live isn’t always easy. Most people have only a vague sense of what they want to do with their lives, few have a definite plan.

Our skill lies in listening carefully, questioning and gently challenging your thinking until you arrive at a vision which inspires you and your family and gives us the certainty we need to help you plan the financial side of things.

Many clients come to Moss Wood to spend time away from their normal environment and this gives them the headspace to think outside their normal pattern, to explore ideas, imagine what’s possible.

It’s fair to say that sometimes clients don’t appreciate the value in this exercise until they have experienced it. So we ask that you bear with us as we take you through what we know will be an important – and illuminating – part of the process.

Xentum | Our story
We are driven by the belief that when you live life by design, money is purely an enabler, a tool. The key is to work out what you want to create with the tool.
This approach is what makes
Xentum so different from the norm.

You see, it would be very easy for us to suggest investment options from day one. But to us, that’s just the mechanics. If we don’t have a clear picture of how you want to live, how can we know that those investment options will truly meet your needs? You might end up with an investment portfolio which looks good on paper but in reality is nothing more than an accumulation of wealth. Wealth which you aren’t sure whether and how to use, leaving you impoverished of the peace of mind, opportunity and the excitement of true financial freedom.

None of us have time to waste.
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