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Our flat-fee approach is fairer and more transparent.

As a values-led, people-first business, we don’t believe in benefitting from your wealth.

Unlike far too many traditional financial advisers, we don’t charge percentages or present you with confusing data and variable, inexplicable fee structures.

We operate a simple, flat-fee service that is calculated based on the time and effort it takes us to guide you to make good decisions with your wealth.

This is very different to the norm in the financial services industry. The norm is to charge an annual fee based on a percentage of your investment, regardless of the performance of that investment or the work involved in managing it.

If this is how you currently pay for advice, do think about the long-term implications. Too many people don’t realise it’s a very expensive way to buy financial services, as the illustration below shows.

Xentum | Fees

Standard IFA Model vs Xentum Model

Standard IFA Model

Investment of £500,000
with 5% growth over 20 years

Total advisor fee (1%)


Total return


Xentum Model

Investment of £500,000
with 5% growth over 20 years

Advisor fee (fixed)


Total return


I created Xentum to show people there’s another, more honest way to invest your money – which can truly benefit you.

Xentum | Fees

The decision to be different.

Our decision to break away from the traditional fee structure stems from the personal experience of CEO, Dominic Baldwin:
“As a child, I remember various advisers coming to see my father in their fancy cars and well-cut suits.

But when I look back at the paperwork, it’s clear they weren’t acting in his best interests. The companies they were working for were set up to serve themselves, taking hefty fees and percentage commissions for investments which really were not appropriate to my father’s circumstances.

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Ongoing support

The fee for your WealthPlanstrategy is £2,495.  If we implement your WealthPlan, this fee will be deducted in full.

For ongoing management of your investments, we operate a tier system (shown opposite) based on the complexity of your needs.

Once we have determined which tier you’ll require, we’ll charge you an annual fixed fee to manage your financial plan and investment portfolio. It’s as simple and transparent as that.

  1. 1
    Tier 01

    Portfolio up to £1.5m
    Our fee: £6,000 per year

  2. 2
    Tier 02

    Portfolio up to £3m
    Our fee: £9,900 per year

  3. 3
    Tier 03

    Portfolio of £3m+
    Our fee: from £15,000 per year, based on complexity.

Our tiers are for illustrative purposes only. While they give a good indication of our fixed-fee structure, the tier your fall into will be confirmed once we know you better. For example, if you have a portfolio valued at £3m+ but your arrangements are straightforward, we’ll only charge you Tier 2 fees.

Uncompromising transparency.

Xentum | Fees

The key to our flat-fee structure is you will always know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’ll get back so you can make an informed decision.

Of course, some investments will have fees that are out of our control, such as platform or management fees. But, if there are costs like these involved in your strategy, we’ll provide you with a clear and comprehensive breakdown before any investments so you can see exactly where your money is going.

Xentum | Fees

Make your money work for you.

If you would like to know more about our services and transparent charges, please get in touch or book an introductory call with a member of our financial planning team. 

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