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You’ve heard about return on investment.
But what about return on your time?

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What is lifestyle financial planning?

Lifestyle financial planning is all about managing your resources – money and time – to get the most out of life.

Most people spend a lot of time working to make money without stopping to consider how their finances can be put to work to create the lifestyle they want. We’re here to change that. Our experts will help you use your money now to live life to the full while working with you to create a compelling vision for the future and a bespoke financial plan to bring it to life.

You first, money second.

We begin by asking you some big questions to help you start thinking about what you really want from life. Once we understand what makes life worthwhile to you, we will work with you to develop a clear picture of your financial future and, then we’ll help you put your money to work.


Xentum | What we do

The big questions

Every client comes to us with questions. What’s the best pension fund to invest in? How much do I need to sell my business for so I can start something new? How can I get maximum growth from my assets?  At what point can I retire?  How do I know I have enough?

We encourage our clients to take a step back and rethink how they approach their finances by putting their goals and vision first. Once you’ve answered some of the really big questions, we can help you put the appropriate financial plans in place.

  1. 1
    Question 01

    Do you know how much you need?

    What are your financial commitments, now and in the future?

    Where do you want to live, what would you love to do or to have in your life?

  2. 2
    Question 02

    How long do you want to work for?

    When do you want to finish work? How much do you need
    before you can do this comfortably?

  3. 3
    Question 03

    What legacy do you want to leave?

    How will you support your financial dependents?

    What gifts do you want to be able to give?

  4. 4
    Question 04

    What are your priorities?

    What’s most important to you and your family?

Benefits of lifestyle financial planning

WealthPlan™ takes all these important questions into account to help you gain clarity around your future finances.

It will mean you know how much money you need and what your next steps are, so you can make confident financial decisions that work towards your future vision & goals.

  • Clear actionable financial plan: We’ll help you map out your vision and goals, giving you a clear action plan which we can help you implement.

  • More focus: With our support, you’ll be able to focus on generating the income you need to bring your lifestyle goals to life.

  • Ability to track progress: We will get together regularly to track your progress to ensure your financial arrangements are aligned to your goals.

  • Grow personal wealth faster: We will constantly explore ways you can grow your personal wealth and maximise your income.

  • Reduce taxes and fees: As financial planners, we’re always searching for ways to minimise taxes and reduce overheads in your personal finances.

  • Confident in financial decisions: With a lifestyle financial plan, you’ll gain more confidence around making big financial decisions – and we’re always here to advise if you’re unsure.

  • Trusted partner: Our relationships last for decades. We will help you navigate the complex financial world and keep you on track as your plans and goals change.

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Xentum | What we do
Xentum | What we do

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