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Live life
by design

Our mission is to help business owners, families and individuals to get the most out of life with a unique blend of lifestyle financial planning, wellbeing events and travel experiences.

Xentum | Homepage 2023

It’s time to create a plan & grab life 

Life can become complex and it can be hard to feel in control and confident you’re making good decisions.

We’re here to help you clarify what you want from life and create the plan that will bring your vision to reality.

Our unique, holistic approach encompasses your finances, your health & wellbeing as well as your to-do list of fun and adventures.

Once your plan is in place, we work alongside you to keep you on track.

We ensure you build towards your long-term goals whilst ensuring you can make the most of every day, spending time with the people who matter most, and doing the things that are meaningful to you.

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Our Services

We provide a unique blend of services to help you and your family enjoy life to the full.

You may need only one aspect or you may need all three – it depends on your personal plan.

Xentum | Homepage 2023

Xentum Financial Planning

What’s your money for?

A lifestyle financial plan helps you use your wealth to live as you wish now and in the future.  It’s the key to living by design, free of anxiety or indecision over money.

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Xentum | Homepage 2023

Xentum Wellbeing

Do you know what you really want and need?

Our series of well-being events focused on the values and benefits of a quiet mind, are a space to get in touch with what you want and need to live a healthy, happy life.

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Xentum Adventures

What experiences do you want to have?

Whatever is on your bucket list, we’ll provide the inspiration & organisation to help you go where you want to go and do the things you want to do, all within your long-term financial plan.

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The Benefits A plan helps you clarify what’s most important to you and live life by design, not default.
  • Achieve
    life goals

  • Make confident

  • Ensure your finances
    support your plan

Xentum | Homepage 2023

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