Xentum | 1-day Escapes

Xentum Wellbeing 1-Day Escapes

Introducing you to a new perspective on life, a relaxed way of thinking whilst performing at your best.


“A fantastic day, in a beautiful and relaxed setting, exploring the mind with first-class experts”. – John Blackburn (Group MD) – Shawston International Ltd

1-Day Escapes

Xentum | 1-day Escapes

A 1-Day Escape at Moss Wood is a rare opportunity to take a step back from your day-to-day, reflect on life and have clear insights into your next steps and how to take them. 

The day begins with a closer look into our thoughts and how they impact our daily life, this opens the door for personal reflection and then deeper insights about your life.  These insights, combined with a bit of guidance from our trusted coaches, are everything you need to start making and seeing positive changes in your and your family’s lives.  

Learn more about why we believe this simple approach is all you need to start living a more simple, fulfilled life.

We understand that taking a 1-Day Escape from your daily commitments might not only be an uncommon experience but could also be a quite daunting one, especially in the midst of all your other important tasks.  This is exactly why we choose to host events like these, to introduce you to a new perspective which can help you manage the ever-growing list of commitments and responsibilities at the back of your mind.  Plus, throughout the day you are kept in complete comfort, provided with delicious and nutritious food and given plenty of downtime for a relaxing walk around the gardens.

The day costs £195 per person 

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2024 event dates coming soon

Look forward to:

A Beautiful Setting

Let everyday thinking melt away at the beautiful, Moss Wood. Set in the Cheshire countryside, with its own woodland and lake – we wouldn’t choose anywhere else for your day.

Delicious Food

Fresh, healthy food and beverages will be served from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave… if you want to leave.

First Class Coaches

We hand-pick our facilitators from our extensive network. We use our experience in personal development to choose our guest coaches with one thing in mind, your satisfaction and experience.

Unique Experiences

We know our way of learning is far from ordinary, experience a new approach to learning and enjoy the unexpected outcomes.

Like Minded People

Meet other high-achieving individuals from multiple industries with a similar goal; the desire to attain a more peaceful, simple, fulfilled life. Community = Support.

Big Insights

The day is an opportunity to have insights which will stay with you for a lifetime. It’s up to you what you do with them.

Xentum | 1-day Escapes

“…plus, there’s always time for a refreshing dip in the lake.” 

– Andrew Walker (CEO) – Mentell Charity

Meet some of the coaches

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Xentum | 1-day Escapes

Wyn Morgan

Founder of Wynning

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Xentum | 1-day Escapes

John Dashfield

Founder of Dashfield C & D

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Xentum | 1-day Escapes

Jacqueline Moses

Inner Wellbeing Practitioner / Leadership Coach / International speaker

“…fantastic event. Truly first class and I would strongly recommend these events to anyone…” – Timothy Hyde (Founder & Insider 42 under 42) – TWH Media

Xentum | 1-day Escapes

What other reason could there be?

Life is always too short.

We will never be able to see

everything we wanted to see,

do all the things we wanted to do,

or achieve all the successes we thought so important.

But to arrive at a quiet mind, and a serene spirit,

is the supreme accomplishment.

If we do this,

we have done all.

~ Tao Te Ching

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