Xentum | 10 time management hacks to change the rest of your life

10 time management hacks to change the rest of your life

October 22, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Posted by Claire Parker

Wherever we are in life, all humans have something in common: a 24 hour day. Often, it is how we spend that time that sets us apart. Our 10 time management hacks will help you complete tasks with greater efficiency, meaning you have more time to do the things you love.

  1. Get rid of your ‘to do’ lists and start thinking long-term. To do lists often create undue frustration and are inept to deal with the small things that consistently come up in day-to-day life. Setting yourself realistic long term plans that you can track yourself against is a good way to keep yourself on target while giving you the space to be flexible
  2. Get in touch with your internal clock. Our circadian rhythms mean there are some points in the day where we have natural energy spikes that differ from person to person. Keep an eye on yours and work with them to fit your tasks into your most productive time of day. You will be surprised how fast you can complete tasks if you remain in-sync with your body.
  3. Guard against perfectionism. Keep a hold on your perfectionism by recognising that there are some things that must be done well and others that simply need to be done. Learning the distinction is key to finding a good balance for those of us who like to make sure things are right.
  4. Improve your mental discipline. Do you ever find yourself checking your social media accounts or the news when you are supposed to be completing tasks? Fear not, self discipline is a learned behaviour – you can improve. The more you practice self discipline, the more focused you will be.
  5. Learn to say no. Saying “no” to meetings, events and tasks that aren’t a worthwhile use of your time is a great way to free up your schedule. If you spend less time in futile meetings, you will be able to better complete the tasks that really matter.
  6. Stop trying to multitask. Accept that multitasking is a figment of the imagination. Our brains cannot think about two things at once. If you are attempting to do multiple things at once, you are just interrupting your mental focus to think about something else.
  7. Be open about your goals and objectives. Tell your colleagues, friends and family about your goals and targets. This will make you feel as if you are accountable to someone else, meaning you are more likely to complete your tasks effectively.
  8. Break large tasks into smaller components. Often, it can be difficult to know where to begin with large tasks. However, by splitting a daunting project into multiple tasks, it will be easier and more efficient to complete.
  9. Use the talents of others. Masterful time management depends on being able to delegate tasks to the best person. Delegating effectively will save you lots of time – if someone else could be doing what you’re doing 50% quicker than you, it makes no sense for you to be doing it.
  10. Take care of yourself! Last (and definitely not least!) be sure to take care of your wellbeing. If you are happy, well-rested, fit and eating healthily, you are more likely to be on top of your game. At work, taking regular breaks is proven to increase your creativity, memory and… well, just about everything!