Xentum | 8 reasons you need to find the right Trusted Advisers

8 reasons you need to find the right Trusted Advisers

April 19, 2016 - 1 minute read

Posted by Claire Parker

If you are an aspiring professional or business owner, building your network of trusted advisers is going to be absolutely key to your success in the long term.  Whether this is an accountant, a solicitor or even a financial adviser, it is important that you surround yourself with people that will improve, not hinder growth.  I have compiled a brief list of the benefits of finding good trusted advisers based on my experience:   

1.       A good professional Listens and acts accordingly.

2.       They (e.g. accountant) will take jobs off your hands rather than put more on your plate.

3.       The Right team will collaborate together (sometimes without you) to improve your situation.

4.       A good professional adds value way above their fees.

5.       The Fees are always transparent and good value.

6.       They create opportunity by being pro-active rather than reactive

7.       A good professional will work in partnership with you to solve problems.

8.       Often, they will introduce you to their network which in itself creates opportunities.

My personal opinion is that you should expect all of the above.  I would recommend that if you are serious about being successful, you find people that tick all these boxes.

What have your experience been from finding the right Advisers.