Xentum | 3-day Retreats

Xentum Wellbeing 3-Day Retreats

The perfect opportunity to fully relax and focus on your biggest priority… You.


3-Day Retreats in nature

Xentum | 3-day Retreats

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Our 3-Day Retreats are the perfect space for self-care, self-reflection and self-improvement.

These 3-Day Retreats are for those who are familiar with our perspective on life and thought, and are ready to explore a little deeper into the power of thinking. Learn how you can use it to enhance performance, feel great, and simplify your life at home.

Learn more about our perspective on life and thought.

Set deep in nature, far away from your daily challenges, these retreats provide a rare opportunity to experience a quiet mind and explore how it can improve your life. Accompanied by coaches and with ample time for reflection, this chance for extended clarity offers time to create a clearer vision of your wants and needs for your future.  

We don’t believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all plans for success and wealth. We believe that the key to living your best life is to live authentically to who you are, following your own path to success. Clear your mind and see the most authentic vision for your future, gain fresh perspectives and insights into your life and thoughts, and how to get the best from them. 

Retreats coming in 2024 – Keep reading for more information about what you can look forward to over the weekend. 

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Look forward to:

A Beautiful Setting

Let everyday thinking to melt away in this serene environment away from the business of everyday life.

Delicious Food

Fresh, healthy food and beverages will be served from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave… if you want to leave.

First Class Coaches

We hand-pick our facilitators from our extensive network. We use our experience in personal development to choose with one thing in mind, your satisfaction and experience.

Unique Experiences

We know our way of learning is far from the ordinary, experience a new approach to learning and enjoy the unexpected outcomes.

Like Minded People

Meet other high-achieving individuals from multiple industries with a similar goal; the desire to attain a more peaceful, simple, fulfilled life. Community = Support.

Big Insights

This weekend is a space to nurture insights which could stay with you for a lifetime. It’s up to you what to do with them.

Xentum | 3-day Retreats

Disconnect from your devices  –  Reconnect to your life.

Meet some of the coaches

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Xentum | 3-day Retreats

Wyn Morgan

Founder of Wynning

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Xentum | 3-day Retreats

John Dashfield

Founder of Dashfield C & D

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Xentum | 3-day Retreats

Jacqueline Moses

Inner Wellbeing Practitioner / Leadership Coach / International speaker

Xentum | 3-day Retreats

A quiet mind cures all

Our 3-Day Retreats help you to look at the way you think and how your thoughts are dictating your life and happiness. Taking a deeper look into a new simpler, happy mindset will elevate your performance at work while creating a more relaxed and loving life at home. 

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