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Dominic Baldwin

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Before we leave school, we’re programmed to think about money and to the day we die, we think about money. It’s a factor in almost every decision we make.

If we’re not careful, it’s the thing which dictates how we live, what we believe, our relationships with people, even our relationship with ourselves.

Xentum | Dominic Baldwin – Calendly Booking

Dominic Baldwin
Xentum’s CEO and founder.

What if we stopped? What if, instead of putting money at the centre of our universe, we took the time to craft a vision of how we would like life to be? And instead of chasing the money, we chased the dream instead?

And what if your financial planner helped you on your journey? What if they asked you big questions before they started advising you on what to do with your wealth? So they were able to help you get clear about the life you want to lead and then work with you to make the finances underpin what is important to you.

This is exactly what Xentum is all about.

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