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Business Owners

Are you thinking of selling your business now
or in the future?

Are you thinking of selling
your business
now or in
the future?

You may have a figure in mind for what you want your business to be worth.

We will help you understand if this is the right figure for your current and future lifestyle and financial commitments.

Armed with this information, you will be able to build your company with purpose and exit at the right time and in the right way. We have more than 20 years of experience in working with business owners and we can help you too.

Xentum | Business owners

How we will help you

Many business owners have a clear business plan but haven’t put the same level of thought into their personal finances. What we do is help you merge the two areas of your life so that your business asset underpins the lifestyle you want to lead now and into the future.

Using our advanced lifetime financial modelling software we will help you build a clear picture of your income and expenditure, options and obligations at varying life stages. Whether you’re ready to sell now or are preparing for a future business sale, we’ll give you the clarity you need to make the right decisions.

  1. 1

    How much do you need
    your business to be

  2. 2

    When is the right time to

  3. 3

    How should you manage
    the money you receive?

We’ve supported business vendors for more than 20 years and have a strong track record in working collaboratively with corporate finance houses, accountancy practices and other specialists who may be involved in the sale.

What is WealthPlan™?

WealthPlan™ takes you and your family through a clear financial planning process so you can live life to the full, now and in the future. With a clear actionable plan based on our accurate lifetime cashflow modelling software, you will:

  • Know how much money you need to support your
    current and future lifestyles.

  • Understand how much you should spend, invest,
    and save to create financial security for you and your family.

  • Enjoy your wealth and live freely.

  • Stop forfeiting what is important to you because
    you fear running out of money.

Xentum | Business owners

Lifetime Financial Modelling

Your WealthPlan strategy is developed using our sophisticated lifetime financial modelling software. This is an interactive tool that enables you to create a financial plan that works for you and your family for the long-term.

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  • Create a clear and compelling vision of your future by clarifying your goals & what your money is for
  • Understand if you’ve got enough now and for the future
  • Create a plan for increasing your wealth, if necessary, and benefit from knowing how much is enough
  • Make good financial decisions with confidence
  • Feel confident that your family is protected, should something unexpected happen
  • Worry less about your finances, focus more on what’s important
  • Have the freedom to spend money on the things that are important to you without guilt or worry
  • Work with a team that genuinely cares, loves what they do and has an excellent track record

Your Business Exit Scorecard

Complete our Business Exit Scorecard questions and receive a tailored report straight to your inbox.  The report will help you understand how ready you are to exit your business plus tips and advice on areas to improve.

Discover your score in a few minutes – start now.

Xentum | Business owners
  1. 1

    Answer 20 yes/no

    Find out how you fare with business planning, financial planning, life planning and risk planning.

  2. 2

    Review suggested

    Once your score has been calculated, our system will produce a tailored report outlining specific actions for improving your score.


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  • Xentum gave us confidence in our financial position, freedom to take amazing family holidays, and amazing support in exiting the corporate world.

    Rob Mukherjee

    Director of Transformation, EveryCloud UK

  • It is nearly two years since my solicitor introduced me to Dominic. In hindsight, I wish the introduction had been made sooner.

    Pat Dawson

    Alderley Edge, Cheshire

  • We’ve worked together for a very long time now, I absolutely trust the team implicitly. Dominic is a very values-led person and that permeates the entire company.

    Ian & Pam Mahoney

    Kingston upon Thames

  • Xentum have been financial advisers to our family for over ten years. The team are friendly, committed, expert and trustworthy - we feel very well looked after. It makes such a difference to work with people who take the time to understand our needs, and who always have our best interests at heart.

    Val Fitton


  • It is rare to work with a company over so many years. We have done so because the team is driven by sound values and continually demonstrates their genuine care for the wellbeing of their clients. We couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    Colin & Ineke McCulloch


  • We have been with Xentum for many years now and have always been extremely happy with the service we receive generally and the care, quality, and professionalism of all the team. Their genuine friendliness and warmth is ever present.

    David & Joan Clapperton

  • The in-depth exploration of values and the detailed cashflow modelling exercise has been very worthwhile. If you are seeking actionable clarity on your finances and personal goals, this is an excellent place to start.

    Ian Fisher, MD, Penistone