Xentum | Can You Give A Child A Brighter Future?

Can You Give A Child A Brighter Future?

September 7, 2021 - 2 minutes read

Posted by Claire Parker

Long term Xentum clients, Liz and Charlie Whitworth, recently got in touch to request our help. Liz works at St Paul’s CE Primary School in Stafford, the oldest school in Staffordshire, where families often struggle to make ends meet.

Like many schools, funding is short and whilst families are doing what they can, many also face hardship themselves. Sadly, this means the school can’t provide all the learning resources they need to support the next generation – from paper and pens to benches and reading books.



We’re supporting Liz by making a donation – and wanted to ask if there are any clients who would be willing to also make a contribution. Perhaps there’s a book on the list that particularly inspired you and you’d like to gift to a new generation?

“You can’t put a price on education, so it’s heart breaking to witness children who have a passion for learning go without resources and materials that could help them thrive due to financial shortages”, Liz explained.“

Teachers and parents at St Paul’s do everything we can to support the children with the resources we have, but the lack of funding means things like left-handed pens, pen grips, scissors, and class reading books become hard to get hold of.”

“We want everyone to have access to the learning materials they need so we can help inspire the next generation to thrive and live successfully”, she continued.

Our team at Xentum place high importance on education, especially in the financial sector where many children and teens leave school with little to no knowledge of how to manage their finances – a struggle that often continues into adult life.

But our hunger and passion for widespread education runs deeper than just financial advice. For this reason, we’d like to ask Xentum clients to consider making a donation to go towards new books for the library, benches, and other important resources needed to give the children a well-rounded and fulfilling education.

To start this off, Xentum will be donating £500 to St Paul’s CE Primary School.

We appreciate that many Xentum clients already make generous donations to good causes. But if you can and would like to help Liz and her school, please do visit St Paul’s Just Giving page to donate as much or as little as you can to purchase any of the resources on the wish list.