Xentum | Ed picks up the pace for local sports club

Ed picks up the pace for local sports club

September 1, 2022 - 1 minute read

Posted by Claire Parker

Financial planner Ed Stubbs loves to run, so when his cricket club needed money for a new pavilion, he naturally decided to don his trainers and take on a challenge. A big one.



Later this month Ed will run two half marathons a day for six days covering 165 miles between Bristol and Knutsford.

Day 1 – Gloucestershire County Cricket Club (CCC) to Gloucester Cricket Club (CC)
Day 2 – Gloucester CC to Worcestershire CCC
Day 3 – Worcestershire CCC to Warwickshire CCC
Day 4 – Warwickshire CCC to Stafford CC
Day 5 – Stafford CC to Knypersley CC (near Ed’s Grandma in Staffordshire)
Day 6 – Knypersley CC to Toft CC in Knutsford

Ed has always been a runner but began to take the sport more seriously only a year ago. He trains at a slower pace to build endurance, keeping his heart rate as low as possible. This method of training hasn’t reduced his speed, in fact, he’s now running faster than he was a year ago whilst maintaining an even lower heart rate.

Training involves six runs per week – five early morning runs before work and one longer run or two runs on the same day on weekends.

He said: “I’m sure my body will be able to do it, I’ve just got to get my mind to be able to plod through the miles and wake up the next day and do it all again. The mental side of the run will be difficult – I’m going to break it down and instead of thinking about the miles I have ahead of me I’m going to think about the next couple of miles, then the next mile and then next step.”

Ed will be raising money for a new pavilion at Toft Cricket Club where he is a member. The whole club is competing in teams to see who can raise the most money, including a competition to see if the club can beat Ed’s mileage by lapping the cricket pitch.

We wish Ed and his club every success in their fundraising efforts. If you’d like to sponsor him, please visit Ed’s JustGiving page.