Xentum | Some things to think about and some ideas from the Team at Xentum

Some things to think about and some ideas from the Team at Xentum

March 26, 2020 - 2 minutes read

Posted by Claire Parker

As we face up to a new reality over the next few weeks we are trying to stay positive in all our Xentum houses.  

We have sunshine, PE in the garden from 10am and the kids are so tired at the end of it that they are sleeping.  Result!  

I thought I would share a few useful links that I have seen or collected recently that may help you or someone you know.  We think it is important to come together as a community at a time like this so please share to someone this can help.


Government support for businesses

The Government has put together a comprehensive package to help support businesses.  

This is the best link that I could find with pretty comprehensive guidance on all areas.  

Government support during Coronavirus by Steve Kuncewicz

For those that prefer more visual:

If you need any help on this, we have lots of contacts offering free advice and sessions to business owners that want to talk through the implications.  

Just let us know.



One of our trusted mortgage professionals has put this very useful list together for those looking to organise a mortgage holiday (also applies to Buy to Let Landlords). 

Mortgage guidance from Rebecca Andrew


Contactless limit going to up

From April 1st the contactless limited will go up from £30 to £45 (by the way this is not a joke)


Life Insurance and Income Protection

For those with life insurance and income protection, COVID-19 is not excluded from these policies.  

I have seen a few mentions of people cancelling their insurance premiums on social media but this is not a good idea.  

For those getting new life insurance or income protection, insurers are honouring existing terms and not excluding COVID-19. 


Free Stories from Audible for the little ones

We saw this and thought it was great. 

Audible are offering free stories for little ones and there are some classics in there. We listened to Winnie the Pooh this morning.

Audible Stories


Free P.E Classes for energetic children and Adults

A number of our parents are doing P.E with Joe at 9am every morning.

It’s free and it’s a good way to break the day up.

PE with Joe W

Classes are on everyday.


Free Maths tuition with Carol Vorderman

There is over 1,000 maths sessions, organised into the following topics. Carol Vorderman teaches each topic through lively video, which is coupled with practice sessions and games.

The Maths Factor

There are also many other tution classes which you can use to help you with home schooling.


Free science experiments

If your feeling a little adventurous there are lot of at home science experiments that you can do with your kids.

At home Science experiments


Xentum update

We currently have both offices closed, however for us business is usual and all the team are working from home.  

If you need to talk anything through let us know and most importantly throughout this please look after yourselves.