Xentum | Spring Statement 2019 Key Points

Spring Statement 2019 Key Points

March 15, 2019 - Less than a minute read

Posted by Claire Parker

Spring Statement 2019When he first became chancellor, Philip Hammond made it clear that he wanted a once-a-year budget. With the BBC officially introducing the Spring Statement as ‘not a major fiscal event’ – you may wonder how much new information would be revealed. Although not as in depth as the Autumn Budget, the statement still came with plenty of interesting updates.

With the direction of Brexit as inconclusive as ever, you could be forgiven for having doubts on the condition of the UK economy, but the chancellor was quick to ensure that it remained “robust” despite the uncertainty. Boasting nine years of uninterrupted growth, 3.5million new jobs created and the fastest rate of growth for 10 years, in short, the economy looks sturdy.

You can read the essential points from Hammond’s Spring Statement here or by clicking on the image on the right.