Xentum | Xentum Xperience- Badajoz, Spain

Xentum Xperience- Badajoz, Spain

June 18, 2019 - 1 minute read

Posted by Claire Parker


Where did you go? Badajoz, Spain

Province of Extremadura. You can see more information on the town here. 

The date you visited: May 2019
Type of experience (special occasion, day trip, holiday location, eatery) Holiday visiting Spanish friends.  
On a scale of 1-10, what overall rating would you give? 9 out of 10
When you got there, what were your first impressions? Beautiful town, with loads of historical features. Friendly people, for a small town there are lots of places to visit. The festivals are amazing and the food is muy rico!  
Was it what you expected or did it exceed your expectations? Were there any wow moments? The whole experience exceeded my expectations. The great thing about a town like Badajoz is that you learn about it’s history and Spanish culture.
And what about the things  that could have been improved? I wish I spent more than a week there. There was plenty of other places I would have liked to visit nearby e.g. Caceres. Olivenza, Merida.
Looking back on your experience, are there any hints and tips you would give for someone wanting to go? (e.g book early, visit a specific place, ask for a booth) It’s difficult and expensive to get a direct flight to Badajoz because it has a very small airport. You will have to book a flight to Madrid and travel four hours to Badajoz. But it is well worth the travel. Also, it is not far from Portugal, so if you get a chance you could travel across the border and visit Portugal too.
And finally, the magic question, would you go back  again? I would 100% go back again, just for the Churros (delicious)!!!