Xentum | Xentum Xperience- Danielle’s holiday to Amsterdam

Xentum Xperience- Danielle’s holiday to Amsterdam

March 8, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Posted by Claire Parker

Each month we’re aiming to share a different experience with you, whether that be a local hidden gem, restaurant, walk or holiday destination. This month is about Danielle, and her holiday in Amsterdam…

Where did you go?


The date you visited?

October 2018

Type of experience (special occasion, day trip, holiday location, eatery)?


On a scale of 1-10, what overall rating would you give?


When you got there, what were your first impressions?

Well, putting aside the stereotypes that I travelled over with, I was surprised by the vast number of tourists in the main central area. I knew it would be busy, but didn’t quite expect it to be so busy.

Despite that, it was amazing to find how varied and exciting the city was. From canal sidewalks and heritage windmills to interesting clothing, shrieking women on hen parties and back to quiet streets and residential areas. All within short walking distance from the other.

If I ever forgot where I was, I only had to turn around and see the thousands of bikes surrounding me; bikes mean you are in Amsterdam! I saw bikes everywhere I went. Some of them were locked to poles, some of them were dropped on the ground and left overturned. Some of them were black, others blue or red, new and old, mountain bikes and simple bikes.

And what about the things that could have been improved?

There is not much traditional Dutch food. Dutch cuisine is not as sophisticated as French or Italian. It consists of simple and succinct dishes such as stew with potatoes in the base, cooked and smashed potatoes, other vegetables, meat and fat.

Do not expect complicated dishes in Amsterdam.

Looking back on your experience, are there any hints and tips you would give for someone wanting to go (e.g book early, visit a specific place, ask for a booth)

Make sure you go in the summer. Amsterdam is a small city so there is not so much to see, especially in winter (there are a few churches around, parks and museums, but I missed the old market square or markets, like in Berlin for example). One day is enough to look around, especially if you get one of the Amsterdam tours. There are plenty of shops for anyone who loves shopping.

And finally, the magic question, would you go back again?

Amsterdam is full of locals and tourists who make the city so vivid and lively. People are always doing something – riding a bike, strolling down the streets, shopping or dining out in restaurants. Streets are occupied by active people which I found awesome!