Xentum | Xentum xperience- Laura’s holiday to Cuba

Xentum xperience- Laura’s holiday to Cuba

May 29, 2019 - 1 minute read

Posted by Claire Parker


Where did you go? Cuba, Havana
The date you visited: May 2018
Type of experience (special occasion, day trip, holiday location, eatery) Holiday
On a scale of 1-10, what overall rating would you give? 8
When you got there, what were your first impressions? It was like stepping back in time.  
Was it what you expected or did it exceed your expectations? Were there any wow moments? Exceed! Snorkeling at the bay of pigs. The water was so clear, and the fish were amazing.
And what about the things  that could have been improved? It was not the best for vegetarians but my air bnb had a cook called Monica who made us an amazing breakfast each morning and set us up for the day.
Looking back on your experience, are there any hints and tips you would give for someone wanting to go? (e.g book early, visit a specific place, ask for a booth) Do a few days in each place. We only did day trips from Havana but I would definitely want to do a few days in each place next time as there was lots to see.
And finally, the magic question, would you go back  again? Definitely! I want to explore parts of the island I didn’t get to see.