Xentum | Xentum xperience- Lisa Codling

Xentum xperience- Lisa Codling

November 27, 2018 - 1 minute read

Posted by Claire Parker

Each month we’re aiming to share a different experience with you, whether that be a local hidden gem, restaurant, walk or holiday destination. This month is about Lisa, and her epic summer trip on two wheels…


Where did you go?

Travelled on the back of a motorcycle through six European Countries, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, France & Luxembourg, 2000+ miles phew!

The date you visited:

July 2018

Type of experience (special occasion, day trip, holiday location, eatery)

Very first adventure on two fast wheels with my partner.

On a scale of 1-10, what overall rating would you give?

A definite 10!

When you got there, what were your first impressions?

No potholes!  Stunning landscapes, spectacular mountains, breathtaking views and a very warm welcome (especially towards bikers).

Was it what you expected or did it exceed your expectations? Were there any wow moments?

Exceeded expectations.  Wow moments – the open-air opera in Verona and the majestic scenery of the Alps.

And what about the things  that could have been improved?

Open more than just 2 booths at passport control when a thousand or so vehicles are trying to disembark.

Looking back on your experience, are there any hints and tips you would give for someone wanting to go? (e.g book early, visit a specific place, ask for a booth)

Don’t wait for the snow, visit the Alps during the summertime.  Diary note to myself “learn to speak French or German!”

And finally, the magic question, would you go back  again?

Absolutely I would do it all again regardless of helmet hair and the occasional swollen ankles!