Xentum | Your New Year Goal: Make Your Finances Work For You Now

Your New Year Goal: Make Your Finances Work For You Now

January 6, 2022 - 3 minutes read

Posted by Claire Parker

For many, the past two years have scuppered our plans. The pandemic has made us realise what we have missed and what we still want to do. Often, the only thing really stopping us from pursuing our new year goals is having the financial confidence to do so.

You may be thinking: Do I really need to wait that long to retire? Should I sell my business now to spend more time with my family? Should I follow my true passion and change my career? Do I have enough money to make things happen?

Most people spend a lot of time working to make money without stopping to consider how their finances can be put to work to create the lifestyle they want now. We want to change that. Our experts are here to help you focus and take a fresh look at your finances.

How Xentum Can Make A Difference

Traditional financial advisors aim to get to know you through a standard risk assessment and only ask about future expenditures you may foresee. What if, instead, someone took the time to ask you some big questions to help you start thinking about what you really want from life. What if, instead of focusing on the money, they focused on you first, and the money second?

Our skill lies in listening carefully, questioning, and gently challenging your thinking to discover how much money you need to realise your dreams. Once we understand what makes life worthwhile to you, we take away the complexity and work with you to develop a clear picture of a realistic lifestyle plan.
We take the time to understand how much you should spend, invest, and save to create financial security for you and your family.

We ask questions like:

• How long do you want to work for?
• What’s most important to you and your family?
• Where do you want to live, what would you love to do or to have in your life?
• What legacy do you want to leave?

Getting To Know You

We do this through a series of meetings that we call the WealthPlan™ journey. Starting with the Discovery Meeting, our financial planner takes the time to fully understand your values and your personal and financial objectives. They will also gain an accurate picture of where you are now, looking at everything from your income and expenditure to your assets and liabilities.

We follow up with a Strategy Meeting. Here we review details from the Discovery Meeting and offer a detailed analysis of your wealth, current investments, and assets. We use a state-of-the-art interactive financial modelling tool to give you a long-term outlook on how your financial decisions will affect your future.

Last, but not least, comes the implementation of your plan. Once we have consolidated our recommendations, we will issue you a Financial Planning Report. Working with our technical specialists, we pinpoint the best way to bring your new year goals to life. Also, as a completely independent financial planning firm, we can review the whole market to find the right products and services that suit your needs specifically.

Get Clear On Your Goals – For the New Year, For Ever

By mapping out your priorities and obligations, it becomes clear how much you need and when. We help you get clear on your goals so you can enjoy your wealth and live with greater freedom.

Rest assured, once you have been through this process, this doesn’t end our relationship with you. Our client relationships last for decades and often carry through generations. We help families navigate the complex financial world and keep you on track as your plans and goals change.

Ready to start the new year with a new look at your finances? You can arrange an initial discussion with a member of our friendly financial planning team. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you via telephone or Zoom. Please phone us on 0161 5467452 or email theteam@xentum.co.uk