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Addressing both health & wealth

July 11, 2022 - 4 minutes read

Posted by Claire Parker

Whilst we are financial planning business, we take a holistic view to help you and your family to truly grab life.  Part of the equation is your health. We work in partnership with Nexus Online Coaching, a brilliant team who help clients improve their overall health & wellbeing.

In this guest post, Laura Betts, Nexus Online Wellbeing Consultant & Coach, explains how to approach a healthier lifestyle. View her intro video here.

The saying is: ‘health is wealth’. To live a long, happy, healthy life is the overall goal for most people.

We can break that goal down into short-term, more specific personal targets, but if we think of the bigger picture we all generally hope to have a certain quality of life whilst we continue to age; ideally without getting to a point where we rely heavily on those around us for assistance.

Nexus Online Coaching is dedicated to helping this goal become a reality.

Our 5 pillars of wellbeing comprise:

  • nutritional
  • physical
  • emotional
  • social and
  • mental Well-being.

All of these pillars interlink and influence each other, so at Nexus Online we feel it is integral to take each person as an individual and create a coaching experience suited to their needs. A cookie-cutter programme might offer some results, but these are usually short-lived and can even leave you worse off than when you started. If you don’t appreciate how individual we all are and therefore assume that what works for one will 100% work for another, you will be forever in the same cycle of telling yourself “I need to get back on it”.

At Nexus Online we believe it would be more beneficial to implement sustainable habits that mean you are never on or off “it” but simply living your life and adapting to whatever comes your way.

So we aim to increase people’s awareness and knowledge around deep health, as well as equip clients with tools and develop their skills so they can break free of the hamster wheel and instead remain in charge of their own health and wellbeing.

The foundation of our coaching is Nutritional Wellbeing

The phrase “you are what you eat”, as cheesy as it may be, is somewhat true. If you eat nothing but rubbish you will feel just that, if we can eat a balanced, nutritious diet with plenty of foods that we enjoy we will see the benefits in more ways than one. Our diets have a direct impact on our energy levels, therefore affecting our movement as well as our body composition, our moods, sleep, and ability to socialise, concentrate and complete even the simplest of tasks. Most things are influenced by what we do and do not fuel our bodies with, which is the reason why Nutrition is at the core of Nexus Online Coaching.

However, this is not a pre-made diet plan, as previously mentioned, everyone is an individual and will require different focus points. It may come to light during our 1-2-1, client-centred consultations that a certain individual hasn’t been sleeping enough which directly affects the types of food and drink they opt for; so we may implement some habits to aid their sleep. Whereas another client could share they don’t have time to cook fresh meals each night, another tends to eat more when they are bored or sad, or one might have a sedentary job that means they don’t move much throughout the day…all of these personal situations need to be treated individually rather than prescribed a blanket approach.

Other key areas

During your initial intake form, you get the chance to choose an area to focus on alongside Nutrition. Whether that is Stress, Sleep, Movement or Change. That is not to say that the other areas won’t be touched upon (as remember they all interlink) but it allows your coach to be aware of the areas you feel need prioritising.

You and your coach will then come together online to create a plan that works for you. Once your initial consultation is complete you will use our app to log your completion of daily actions and habits and leave any reflections on how you found the day. Your coach is contactable throughout the week via the app, for any questions or comments you may have, and they will regularly check in with you to offer support and accountability in between your face to face online check-ins.

Need help from Nexus?

Nexus Online is an evidence based, client centred approach to coaching. Placing you, the individual, at the centre of the process.

Ultimately, if you are looking to develop healthy habits that will enable you to not only reach your goals but sustain your results, plus allow you to take charge and enjoy your life without continually having to buy into the latest “health” trend; then Nexus Online Coaching is for you.

Speak to your Xentum financial planner to get an introduction to the Nexus team, meet Laura or visit the Nexus Online Coaching website.